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Electronic Media Shredding and Recycling Dubai

Electronic Media Destruction

Depending on the material, our security consultants will inspect and advise the safest method of destruction of your Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (otherwise known as WEEE or e-waste). With the development of data recovery technologies, we are convinced that incurring physical damage to an electronic data carrier is the only way to render it unusable.

Note that our mobile shredders are capable of shredding hard disks and other data carriers up a maximum 6mm size and are therefore the most secure in the whole region.

Types of electronic media we handle:
Hard Drive Shredding in Dubai

Hard Drive Shredding

X-Ray Shredding in Dubai

X-Rays Shredding

Media or Backup Tapes Shredding

Media / Backup Tapes Shredding

Thumb Drives and Jump Drives Shredding

Thumb / jump Drives Shredding

ID Card Shredding in Dubai

ID cards Shredding

Shredding Mobiles or Cell Phones

Cell Phones Shredding

Shredding of CDs and DVDs

CDs / DVDs / DVD Shredding

PC Shredding and Laptop Shredding

PCs and Laptops Shredding

Microfilm and Microfiche Shredding Dubai UAE

Microfilm and microfiche Shredding

Credit Card and Debit Cards Shredding

Credit Card & debit cards Shredding

Scanners, Faxes, Printers, Monitors, Media Players, Cables Shredding

Scanners, Faxes, Printers, Monitors Media Player, Cables Shredding

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